Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How the "Undateable Guy" became the "Least Likely Daddy!"

Yes I am truly the "Least Likely Daddy!" So how on earth did the "Undateable Guy" become a father?

I guess I should start from the beginning, it has been a long, interesting and humorous story.

I was 43 years old and had previously had 2 failed marriages which thankfully produced no children. I had just returned from my native homeland of Australia where I had been for the last year spending time with my mother who had been diagnosed with cancer and subsequently past away. I was at a cross roads in my life. Faced with returning to my former "normal" life or to take a leap of faith into the unknown. My mother's passing made me certain that I did not want to return to the daily grind. So into the unknown I charged.

The front of my house and this was during the
street festival, yes that is my beautiful wife!
I thought that at 43 years of age I was too old to meet a beautiful partner, develop a relationship, get married and start a family. I had tried some dating but I was constantly being told I was "undateable." I thought my window of opportunity for a family had past me by. I decided to forge ahead with my new venture, and I found myself closing on my new house.

My new house and yes it does have a pool!
A week later I went on an internet date. An  internet date! What was I thinking? They never work out. The picture is always from another lifetime ago, the description is highly embellished. Yet, I went ahead with the date, especially after several humorous phone calls.

This is the woman that stole my heart. I guess
internet dating does work.

Little did I know that would be my last 1st date. The date went well and soon we were inseparable. We had discussed all of our goals and dreams and we both wanted a family. Since I was already 43 and close to becoming 44 and she was almost 37 we knew biologically there was little time for messing around so to speak. Basically, our relationship was fast tracked and it withstood the tests and strains. Just short of 1 year of our 1st date we were married. Now to work on building a family together. I guess waiting 24 hours was sufficient.

Our wedding day in Nicaragua.

We were married Jan 21st and our baby was due Oct 22nd! I guess we were both overachievers; either that or the wonderful day spent riding horses through a jungle and on the beach in Nicaragua had its desired effect.

Horse riding on the beach in Nicaragua.

Here we are back at the Ranch after the ride.
Now to make a baby! LOL

You can read about the pregnancy from my wife's perspective on her blog Diary of a Pregnant Comedian. This blog is my perspective of the pregnancy and fatherhood experience.

So that is the short version how the "Undateable Guy" became the "Least Likely Daddy". So far the journey has been an exciting and rewarding experience. I hope you follow me as it continues.

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